LG launches all-new Thin Client portfolio for 2018

New lineup offers streamlined cloud computing solutions that are easier to secure and manage than traditional PCs.

Continuing a legacy of innovation and seamless integration, LG Business Solutions now offers a line of Thin Clients, including All-in-One (AIO) and laptop form factors. The highlight of the portfolio includes a unique 38" AIO Curved UltraWide® Thin Client, one of the most expansive LG Thin Clients available.

The addition of LG Thin Clients accommodates the shift toward cloud infrastructures and the need for reliable, secure, and manageable I.T. solutions, especially in data-laden and cost-sensitive environments like health care, finance, government, and education.

Meet the all-new LG Thin Clients

Every LG Thin Client is designed with three common characteristics: inherent endpoint security, streamlined manageability, and compatibility with today's most popular VDIs (i.e., Citrix, Amazon WorkSpaces, VMware, and Microsoft® Azure). Compared to traditional PCs, which are more vulnerable to malware and viruses and require more maintenance, LG Thin Clients provide the precise, compact power users need at overall lower costs.

In fact, each LG Thin Client boasts low-power consumption and long product life thanks to minimalist construction, including fanless design that reduces noise and potential downtime due to broken parts.

LG 38" AIO Curved UltraWide® Thin Client

Providing more usable screen space than most multi-monitor configurations, the LG 38" AIO Curved UltraWide® Thin Client provides an immersive user experience that includes 4K resolution, various connectivity and display options, and built-in collaboration features like an HD webcam.

And with VESA mounting capability, this LG Thin Client can transform any work locations where engagement and multi-tasking are critical.

LG Thin Client Box

The Thin Client Box represents cloud technology in its most versatile form. Able to blend seamlessly with most needs and applications, this LG Thin Client provides connectivity options that enhance most cloud applications, from helping declutter the common desktop to optimizing shared workspaces, including dual-monitor support up to 4K resolution.

LG Mobile Thin Client

Based on the stylish LG gram form factor, this LG Mobile Thin Client helps mobile workforces always remain productive by staying connected to the data center. Lightweight and durable, the LG Mobile Thin Client provides all the benefits of mobile technology without leaving sensitive data vulnerable to outside threats.

LG 24" AIO Widescreen Thin Client

The LG 24" AIO Widescreen Thin Client combines renowned IPS display quality with a Thin Client architecture that's familiar and simple to set up and use—even for graphically-demanding programs and applications.